Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Email Spam Down, virus' up!

According to a recent article posted on CNN; Email spam is down while virus transmittions are up.

In August viruses in emails process by Google increased by 111% compared to the same month last year. Google's system blocked a record setting 188 million emails containg viruses in just one day!!

Email virus's can be annoying to some and devasting to many others! Malware is increasingly being housed in messages purporting news about celebrities or unleashed when recipients open file attachments sent by family and friends.

Our technicians spend an amazing amount of time performing multiple virus scan's to eliminate malware, adware, trojans, etc. If you've experienced an infected computer, you know that many times these malicious applications can hijack your operating system or wipe your hard drive clean! We encourage our clients to be proactive and ensure your virus protection is updated regularly.

Call us today to schedule a System Cleaning. We'll review your current virus protection and advise you of any upcoming renewals that need attention!

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