Friday, October 30, 2009

Getting ready for a Spooktacular Month

Now's the time, if you haven't, to begin thinking about your computer and all the spooky gremlins that find hiding places in your hard drive!

Often times we're caught up in our everyday lives and forget about the nonsense that's embedded in the sites we visit and the pages we read. Even reviewing the local news paper online can dump adware into your cookies! Computer monsters will eat those up if you don't take precaution on a regular basis. Think about taking your computer in every so often to a specialist so they can run thorough diagnostics and keep your investment free of those annoying gremlins!

Here are some general precautions:
1. Protect your personal information
2. Know the sites you visit
3. Use anti-virus and anti-spywaresoftware as well as a firewall, and update them often!
4. Clear your cookies, temp files, and browser history often!
5. Protect your passwords
6. Back up your important files.
7. Keep our number handy for times when you have a problem!