Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer is here! Free internal cleaning

Summer is here!

We all love the heat during the summer, lounging out by the pool or basking in the sunlight on the beach. And my favorite... summer bbq's and grilling outdoors. But heat can be deadly, especially to your costly computer components.

Computers are built out of many digital circuits. These circuits are constantly switching state; i.e., when doing calculations. Heat is a by-product of these calculations. Computer chips, central processing units (CPUs), and graphic processing units (GPUs) are getting more powerful every day. With newer technology comes faster processing. Faster processing leads to more heat being generated. Without proper heat dissipation, components can be damaged beyond repair.

Our computers have cost us our hard-earned dollars. We save up to buy the very best and we expect reliable performance. But, just like a car, a computer requires proper maintenance. Keep them cool and clean and they’ll last you a lifetime. Ignore them and you they will start costing you more in the long run. Be cool and keep it cool!

In the summer you may notice your computer freezing and crashing. This could likely be caused by heat build up. Dust, pet hair, smoke residual, and faulty cooling components in the computer can cause excessive heat build up and possibly lead to catastrophic failure.

During the summer months ODI is offering a free internal cleaning of your computer and inspection of its cooling components. Bring your's in today! Don't let your computer get beat by the heat!

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